Recycling multi-metals for tomorrow.

Non-ferrous metals are infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. By recycling and refining complex materials, we can respond to the increasing metal scarcity.

At Metallo, we care about our environment, our people and our planet. We combine our unique technology and know-how to minimize the impact of our activities on society and environment, in order to build a bright future and preserve our natural resources.


The Metallo Formula.

At Metallo we use this formula to be your preferred recycling and refining partner: I = E x M

I = we strive for positive impact on our natural resources.
E = we commit our expertise to market knowledge, innovative technologies and sustainable processes.
M = we are highly motivated, we have the drive to be “best in class”.

Together we refine our future. We have a culture of motivation and drive for continuous improvement. Efficiency, long term value creation and collaboration are key. It is our drive to be “best in class” that made and makes Metallo unique.


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