The story behind our rebranding

Berango | Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Metallo Belgium and Metallo Spain are now one Metallo with one common goal: to be your preferred recycling and refining partner. We want to strengthen that shared character with a new logo and branding.

Our new logo

Our logo is a real Metallo ‘signature’. It reinforces our authentic personality without losing strength and power. This logo isn’t “just a nice design”, it has real meaning:

  • It’s a signature. It marks our identity.
  • A signature is set by hands. And our hands are our most valuable instrument to build a bright future for tomorrow. It makes us capable of achieving great things, things we can be proud of, things we can share by a handshake.
  • Metallo, with the capital ‘M’. The same letter some people find in the palm of their non-dominant hand. According to an old folk wisdom, those individuals are said to be special. The marking is believed to be a blessing of good fortune, an indication that they have strong self-motivation and discipline, and a dynamic and bold character. (Yes, it’s allowed to check yourself) We used this M as the blueprint of our logo, because we believe we are all special and valuable individuals with a great sense of motivation, discipline and boldness!
Our new branding

Our branding contains 5 lines that will appear in different forms. This will reinforce our dynamic character. The five lines refer to the 5 refined products we bring back to the market. Our main colour is blue-green, a colour that stands for renewal, future-oriented and a new way of living together. A perfect match!

Our new visual brand shows our transformation to one Metallo, but our shared passion and DNA remain unchanged. We keep on striving for a positive impact on our natural resources by combining our strong expertise and a high dose of motivation. Our mission: recycling multi-metals for tomorrow. And we really hope to refine our future together.